Happy February, everyone! As we all settle into 2024, we’re thrilled to share how Esketit kicked off the year on a high note. January was bustling with activity, welcoming new investors, launching exciting products, and, most importantly, continuing to build on our promise of delivering exceptional investment opportunities.

Our Growing Community

  • Investors – Reached 18,373, a welcoming increase of +1,013 or +5.84% since December 2023.

We love seeing our community expand. Each new member brings fresh perspectives, and we’re thrilled to have you on board.

Financial Milestones

  • Investments – Surged to €440,925,166, marking a +6.72% growth.
  • Outstanding portfolio – Climbed to €39,495,212, up +2.71%.
  • Loans funded – Increased to €25,867,789, with a growth of +1.98%.
  • Interest paid to investors – Jumped to €379,758, an impressive +9.35% boost.

These numbers aren’t just statistics; they’re a testament to the trust and confidence you place in us, and we’re incredibly grateful for that.

Spotlight on Innovation

January wasn’t just about growth; it was about innovation, too. We were excited to launch Spanda Capital, a venture that quickly caught your attention, fully funding the posted business credit in just a day! It’s an investment that reflects our dedication to offering diverse and rewarding options.

And there’s more good news on the horizon. This February, keep an eye out for Utopia, which will bring a larger volume of loans to our platform. It’s your chance to invest in music royalty revenues, blending the world of traditional finance with the realm of music.

As we move further into February, we’re not just looking back at what we’ve achieved but also looking forward to the opportunities ahead. Our journey together is about more than just numbers; it’s about building a community, embracing innovation, and forging a path toward financial empowerment.