We are delighted to introduce a new investment product on Esketit. We’re partnering with Spanda Capital, a venture established by Esketit co-founders Matiss Ansviesulis and Davis Barons. 

Spanda Capital specializes in purchasing non-performing consumer loan portfolios in Spain at significant discounts. They then work to collect these debts over an extended period. 

Thanks to our historical experience and a data-driven approach in pricing these portfolios, we can predict with high accuracy the potential returns from these collections. This strategy not only aims for profitable outcomes but also ensures the coverage of interest and principal repayments to our investors. 

We’re offering this product at an attractive 12% interest rate. The principal is scheduled for repayment over 24 months. For the first 6 months, investors will receive interest payments. Starting from the 7th month, partial repayments of the principal will commence. 

This product will be listed under its Latvian holding company on the Esketit platform.

Additionally, starting from the 18th of January, this investment will be integrated into our Automated Diversified strategy.
To learn more about this exciting offer, please visit the Loan Originators page on our website. Note that you’ll need to log in to access the detailed presentation file.