June was a pivotal month at Esketit, as we introduced exciting new investment opportunities and saw a steady rise in our investor community. Let’s dive into our monthly stats to better grasp the performance and what it means for you, our valued investors.

Investor Growth

In June, our investor community grew by 919 investors to a total of 12,840. That’s a solid 7.7% increase compared to May. 

Investment Increase

We saw a 7.27% increase in total investments this month, reaching a total of 265,732,124 EUR. It’s inspiring to witness our investor community’s growth and the confidence they place in Esketit’s platform.

Outstanding Portfolio

Despite the fluctuations in the market, our outstanding portfolio remains robust at 29,914,563 EUR. Although there was a slight decrease of 1.27% compared to May, we remain committed to providing diversified, secure, and high-performing investments.

Loans Funded and Published

In June, the total amount of loans funded was 16,851,221 EUR, and loans published amounted to 17,861,899 EUR.

Interest Paid to Investors

Despite a slight decrease of 9.31% compared to May, we paid out a total of 286,699 EUR in interest to our investors. We are continually working to optimize our offerings to maximize returns for our investors.

June vs. May Numbers at a Glance

  • Investors: 12 840 (+919)
  • Investments: 265 732 124 EUR (+7.27%)
  • Outstanding Portfolio: 29 914 563 EUR (-1.27%)
  • Loans Funded: 16 851 221 EUR (-24.05%)
  • Loans Published: 17 861 899 EUR (-23.99%)
  • Interest Paid to Investors: 286 699 EUR (-9.31%)

New Bank Account

Please note that we have changed our bank account details for deposits. Learn more about it here.

New Investment Opportunity

In June, we partnered with Aksioma to offer mortgage loans, further diversifying our investment opportunities. 

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Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to an exciting July!