Welcome back, Esketit investors and followers! In the latest The Esketit Experience podcast episode, we delve into the world of marketing within the P2P industry. Joining Vitālijs Zalovs, our CEO, and Renārs Upītis, CMO, is Dawid Łukaszewicz, a representative from CircleWise, the largest affiliate partner network for the P2P industry. 

In this episode, David shares valuable insights about building trust between P2P platforms and bloggers, the role of affiliate networks, evaluating potential affiliate networks, and the challenges and changes witnessed in the P2P industry. Let’s take a closer look at what they discussed.

Building Trust: The Key to Attracting Investors through Bloggers 

Trust plays a vital role in attracting new investors through bloggers, especially in the finance and investment industry. David emphasizes that trust and transparency are key for platforms to gain investor confidence. As an affiliate network, CircleWise aims to connect platforms with the right bloggers and experts who can effectively promote their products. 

However, the responsibility for building trust primarily lies with the platforms themselves. They must prioritize transparency and a good user experience to attract investors.

Strategies for Building Trust: Transparency and User Experience 

David explains that building trust is not easy but can be achieved through transparent practices and a positive user experience. While affiliate networks can offer suggestions and support, the platform itself must ensure transparency and avoid hiding information from investors. Furthermore, the platform needs to create an attractive product for investors, where trust and transparency are integral components.

The Role of Affiliate Networks in Building Trust 

Apart from the technological aspects, affiliate networks like CircleWise play a crucial role in building trust through their relationships with bloggers and publishers. CircleWise connects platforms with the right influencers and experts who have the potential to promote the platform effectively. While the affiliate network can facilitate connections, the decision to promote the platform lies with the bloggers themselves. Ultimately, trust is built through the bloggers’ confidence in the platform and their perception of its attractiveness.

Criteria for Evaluating Potential Affiliate Networks 

When evaluating potential affiliate networks, platforms should consider factors such as channel size (e.g., website visits, YouTube subscribers), the quality of traffic and content, and publishers’ knowledge and marketing rank. While basic information can be found on websites or through simple tools, platforms should focus on understanding the real quality of traffic and content to find suitable partners. Experience and market knowledge are essential in identifying publishers with a good audience.

Challenges and Changes in the P2P Industry 

The P2P industry has faced challenges and significant changes over the past few years. David highlights two significant events that affected the market. Firstly, some platforms faced mismanagement issues, leading to a loss of trust and legal cases. This event sparked a market correction, where bloggers and platforms became more cautious. The second event was the global COVID-19 pandemic, which affected various markets, including the P2P industry. Additionally, geopolitical conflicts, such as the war in Ukraine, had a short-term impact on investor sentiment. However, the industry has shown resilience and is gradually recovering.


In this Esketit Experience episode, we gained valuable insights into the marketing landscape of the P2P industry. Building trust, transparency, and an attractive user experience are crucial for platforms to attract investors through bloggers. Affiliate networks like CircleWise facilitate connections between platforms and bloggers, playing a role in building trust. 

Evaluating potential affiliate networks requires considering channel size, traffic quality, and publisher knowledge. Despite facing challenges, the P2P industry continues to evolve and adapt. Platforms can foster investor confidence and contribute to the industry’s growth by focusing on trust and transparency.