In July, Esketit continued its streak of impressive growth. With the addition of 680 new investors, we experienced a 5.16% increase from June, making our total count reach a milestone of 13,520—a strong indicator of our platform’s trust and credibility.

Investments, too, saw a significant rise, with an upsurge of 10.56%, reaching a total of 295,352,145 EUR. The outstanding portfolio grew by 3.13%, amounting to 30,474,479 EUR, a testament to our growing investor confidence.

In July, we experienced an exponential rise in loans funded, up by a whopping 48.67%, totalling 27,691,166 EUR, while loans published also surged by 48.25%, amounting to 29,218,970 EUR.

Lastly, we paid out an increased interest of 302,913 EUR to our investors, up by 5.50% from June, showing our platform’s concrete financial benefits.

To read more about our changes in diversified strategy and the addition of Aksioma real estate loans, check out our recent blog post.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strengthen our commitment to a transparent, profitable, and trustworthy investment environment.