As part of our commitment to diversifying your investment portfolio, we’re adding mortgage loans from Aksioma 24 to our Diversified Strategy. We’re confident that Aksioma 24 – with its robust, stable business – will provide you with excellent investment opportunities.

From the 11th of July, Diversified Strategy will invest in first-rank mortgage loans with a Loan to Value (LTV) of around 60%. This addition to our portfolio further enriches our diversified investment strategy, with the potential to lead the strategy’s interest rate to an attractive 11%.

Aksioma, with its vast experience and profitability in the mortgage segment, offers a reassuring buy-back guarantee on these loans. If any loan in your bundle defaults, Aksioma 24 will step in to repay it, ensuring your cash flow remains unaffected.

How do Aksioma 24 loans look when it comes to numbers?

  • Interest rate to investors: 7%
  • LTV range: 45 – 60%
  • Repayment terms: Monthly interest payments with the principal repaid over 3 years.