February was another solid month for Esketit, with 1012 new investors joining the platform, bringing the total number of verified investors to 9440. Looking closely at the previous month’s numbers, the situation looks like this:

  • Verified investors: 9440 (+1012)
  • Investments: 181 687 012 EUR (+11.27%)
  • Outstanding portfolio: 28 642 848 EUR (+5.81%)
  • Loans funded: 17 173 901 EUR (-2.01%)
  • Loans published: 17 981 727 EUR (-3.62%)
  • Interest paid to investors: 271 800 EUR

Compared to the month of January, Esketit saw subtle growth across the board. Verified investors increased by 1,012 to reach a total of 9,440, while investments reached €181,687,012, representing an 11.27% increase from the previous month. The outstanding portfolio also saw a 5.81% increase to reach €28,642,848. However, there was a slight decrease in loans funded (-2.01%) and loans published (-3.62%).

Esketit’s performance remains strong, with consistent growth in verified investors, investments, and outstanding portfolio. Despite the slight decrease in loans funded and loans published, the interest paid to investors remained the same. Esketit continues demonstrating its success in connecting investors with borrowers and helping people grow their wealth.

February is infamous for being slower than other months, but with some exciting news approaching, we will see growing numbers in the upcoming months for sure.

Don’t forget, you can earn up to EUR 1000 for every new investor you refer to Esketit. Join us in celebrating our success and shaping the future of investing!