Creamfinance, the leading European online consumer finance provider, is undergoing a rebranding process and will operate under the name AvaFin starting March 8, 2023. Along with this change, the company lowered its interest rates to 11% from the previous rate of 12%. 

Creamfinance, now AvaFin, ended 2022 with record-breaking profits, and audited statements will be published in the coming months. The transition to AvaFin reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. With the new brand, customers can expect the same level of service and quality products, but with a refreshed look and feel.

The updated interest rates (11%; previously 12%) apply to all AvaFin’s loan products, and the company’s automated investment strategies will now invest in loans with the new interest rate. 

AvaFin remains committed to providing easy and accessible financing solutions to its customers. Keep an eye out for more updates from AvaFin in the coming months.