A while back, we surveyed our community, seeking opinions on introducing USD investments for our Jordan loans. And guess what? The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, giving us all the encouragement we needed to roll out this fresh feature.

USD Loans: The Future Looks Bright

Our commitment to innovation and growth has paved the way for the launch of USD loans at a compelling interest rate of 13%. As with any new venture, early birds always get the best catch. Investors who dive in early, depositing their dollars, will be the first to seize these new loan opportunities. To kick things off, we’ve allocated an initial sum of $200,000. But don’t worry, as the demand amplifies, so will the supply of these dollar loans.

Why Jordan? The JOD-USD Connection

For those unaware, the Jordanian Dinar (JOD) holds a steady peg to the USD. This strategic peg eradicates the complexities of currency fluctuations, ensuring “Money For Finance”, our trusted loan originator, can list loans on Esketit without any currency-related hitches.

Our Assurance to You

Peace of mind is crucial when investing. That’s why, just as with all our offerings, these new USD loans come with a buyback guarantee. Our prime objective? Your investment security.

Navigating the New Waters

When embarking on this USD journey, you’ll notice a few tweaks on our platform. To cater to this currency, we’ve integrated new automated strategies. But don’t worry, the process remains as straightforward as ever. A handy currency switch is positioned at the top for your convenience.

Making Your Deposit

Thinking of jumping in? For those eager to begin, remember that our USD deposits are exclusively facilitated through SWIFT payments directed to our Swiss bank account. A gentle reminder: ensure you’re dispatching USD and not CHF.

In wrapping up, Esketit stands as not just a platform but a thriving community. Join our Telegram group to find more information and engage directly with our team and fellow investors. It’s a space where you can ask questions, share insights, and stay updated on the latest developments. Your active participation will further enrich our community’s knowledge and experience.