Security is one of Esketit’s top priorities. To protect your account and avoid any potential theft of your assets, Esketit has implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) with Google Authenticator app, which adds an additional layer of security. 

Why it’s vital to have 2FA

2FA is an effective method of protecting against numerous security threats that target user passwords and accounts.

Suppose a remote attacker can tap into your computer via your Internet connection. They can steal your password and your second form of authentication — if both are delivered over the same channel.

Without your physical device, remote attackers can’t pretend to be you to gain unauthorized access to corporate networks, cloud storage, financial information, etc., stored in apps.

By integrating two-factor authentication, possible attackers can’t access your accounts without possessing your mobile device needed to complete the second factor.

Why Google Authenticator

When setting up a new Esketit account, you have to set a password to protect your account, but these days, a password alone is not enough. To add an extra layer of security to your account, we have added two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator that will secure your Esketit account, and we strongly suggest enabling it. 2FA will help avert unauthorized logins even if the unlikely case of your password being leaked online.

Google Authenticator implements two-step verification services using a time-sensitive one-time password consisting of a 6-digit dynamic code that changes every 30 seconds. You can use each verification code only once. 

Google authenticator is available for both, Android and iOS, and is very easy to set up. 

Once you have set up the authenticator app, visit your Esketit investor profile > Two-factor authentication to enable the new security feature.

After enabling it, open the window with instructions, generate a QR code, and follow the on-screen instructions.