As we’re entering the month of November, it’s time to look back at the previous month. October for Esketit was yet another great month which shows up not only in numbers but also in geographical expansion. We welcomed over one thousand new investors and paid over 200k in Interest. In October, we announced entering the Polish market with loans from Creamfinance. The reason for entering Poland is a wild one: our investors had been so active we simply ran out of existing loans! So the expansion was inevitable, and we’re continually looking into other territories to offer you more and more lucrative investment opportunities. The Polish loans are backed by a buyback obligation and group guarantee and are available for our auto-invest strategies.

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Stats for October vs. September

In October, we saw steady growth in all our numbers. And because we operate under a full transparency policy, here are the exact figures:

  • Verified investors 5627 (+1030)
  • Investments 111 062 368 EUR (+18.04%)
  • Outstanding portfolio 23 332 496 EUR (+18.01%)
  • Interest paid to investors 216 169 EUR
  • Loans funded 16 647 357 EUR (+34.35%)
  • Loans published 17 948 295 EUR (+57.98%)

By the way, don’t forget you can earn up to EUR 1000 for each new investor you invite to join Esketit, so don’t be shy and spread the word.