It’s time to review Esketit’s November performance as we enter December.

Investor Growth
Esketit greeted 763 new investors, celebrating a +4.83% increase from October. This brings the total to 16,567 investors, which is a reflection of the growing trust in our platform.

Investment Increase
Total investments grew by +6.51%, reaching a whopping 386,397,870 EUR. This growth demonstrates strong investor confidence and the solid market presence of Esketit.

Portfolio Expansion
The outstanding portfolio exhibited a steady rise, now at 35,146,000 EUR, a +1.89% increase from the previous month.

Interest Payouts
A crucial metric, interest paid, saw a healthy increase of +6.02%, totaling 337,663 EUR –a direct advantage for investors and highlights Esketit’s commitment to delivering what we promise: steady returns.

Stats in a Nutshell

  • Investors: 16,567 (+4.83%)
  • Investments: 386,397,870 EUR (+6.51%)
  • Outstanding portfolio: 35,146,000 EUR (+1.89%)
  • Loans funded: 21,628,507 EUR (-4.73%)
  • Loans published: 22,834,656 EUR (-5.29%)
  • Interest paid to investors: 337,663 EUR (+6.02%)

What The Experts are Saying
A prominent P2P blogger, Denny Neidhart from the re:think P2P blog, who tried and tested Esketit with his own money, provides a detailed glance at his experience with us. According to him, Esketit has become the second-largest position in his P2P portfolio, with almost 20,000 euros invested.

Neidhart’s year-long experience shows a total return of 11.29% and reveals our advantages, such as transparency, continuous growth, and strong backing by AvaFin Holding.

In conclusion, November’s numbers continue to show Esketit as a growing and evolving platform. While there are fluctuations in some areas, the overall trajectory points towards a solid performance backed by investor confidence and strategic planning.