We are excited to announce that we have expanded our investment options to include investing in the growth of our Jordan’s loan originator – Money For Finance – through a business loan listed on our platform. This investment will be channeled through the mother company of Money For Finance, JMD Investments SIA, which is incorporated in Latvia.

Our new loans offer an interest rate of 12% and come with a buyback guarantee. They have two maturity options: 6 and 12 months, with the principal paid at the end of the term. Additionally, there are monthly interest payments.

Depending on your interest, we may list additional loans like this on Esketit in the future.

Our founders have traditionally used a combination of funding sources for our loan originator business, including direct funding into the company, as well as investments tied to specific loans. In the past, this funding has primarily come from the founders’ closest business partners. However, we are now offering the opportunity for Esketit investors to also provide direct funding to the company.

We have decided to launch this product to maintain a much better diversification of funding sources for the business, making it more sustainable.