In the latest episode of “The Esketit Experience,” Esketit co-founder Davis Barons sat down with Edgars Koskins, an attorney-at-law at Supremia and Esketit investor. The pair looked into the intricacies of asset confiscation and the rule of law in Latvia, discussing various cases and the challenges individuals and businesses face in the current legal landscape. This eye-opening conversation sheds light on the complexities entrepreneurs and investors must navigate to protect their assets and interests. Koskins shared his insights on how asset confiscation has evolved in Latvia, particularly in the context of the banking sector. He explains that the Latvian government has aggressively pursued cases involving alleged illegal proceeds. Unfortunately, this has led to many innocent individuals and businesses being targeted and having their assets confiscated without adequate proof or justification. Koskins emphasizes the importance of maintaining a thorough paper trail for all financial transactions and dealings, regardless of the length of time that has passed. This helps individuals and businesses establish the legitimacy of their assets and can potentially safeguard them from unjust confiscation. However, producing adequate documentation for older transactions can be challenging, as people might not remember the details of past deals or have lost crucial documents over the years.One of the main concerns raised by Koskins during the discussion is the perceived merging of judicial and executive powers in Latvia. This has led to a lack of separation of powers, as the court system appears to be influenced by other branches of government. In some cases, this has resulted in biased decisions against private individuals and businesses, undermining the rule of law.To safeguard their assets, Koskins advises all to be diligent in their documentation and to consider diversifying their holdings by keeping some funds outside of Latvia. This can help mitigate the risk of unwarranted asset confiscation and ensure that individuals and businesses have a more secure financial future. The conversation between Davis and Edgars provides a fascinating and sobering glimpse into the world of asset confiscation and the rule of law in Latvia. As entrepreneurs and investors navigate these complex waters, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks and to take steps to protect one’s assets from unjust confiscation. By staying informed and maintaining a vigilant approach to documentation, individuals and businesses can better safeguard their financial interests and continue to thrive in the ever-changing legal landscape.Watch the full episode now and subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss any future episodes with exciting guests.