For the sake of our investors’ peace of mind, we intend to regularly keep them updated about our loan originators and their business’s success. We want to be very transparent when it comes to our loan originators and present you with all the available data to make sound investment decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at our course of action as we move forward:

  • Every quarter we will be publishing a management presentation about the Creamfinance Group
  • Once a year, we will be publishing Creamfinance annual report audited according to IFRS
  • For our other Loan Originators (from Jordan and Sri Lanka), every quarter, we will publish management financials and relevant operational KPIs
  • And as soon as the financial year ends for them, we will publish their annual statutory accounts

Why are we doing this?

Because transparency is extremely important when it comes to financial transactions. Transparency in financial services creates accountability, builds trust, and encourages stakeholder engagement. The approach of being transparent helps to ensure that both parties, the investor and Esketit platform, have their expectations appropriately set and fulfilled. With transparent, open, and regular communication, investors are less likely to make inaccurate assumptions about their investments and the Esketit platform as a whole.