Money for Finance has achieved significant milestones, closing the year 2023 with remarkable growth in disbursements and profits compared to 2022. The team successfully surpassed its sales volume targets by 72%, amounting to over EUR 69 million in disbursements.

Money for Finance’s audited financial statements reflect robust performance across its balance sheet and profit & loss statement, with total assets reaching EUR 28 million, primarily driven by a net credit portfolio of EUR 18 million, a substantial increase from EUR 11 million in 2022. Additionally, equity surged by 229% to EUR 5.5 million. The revenue for 2023 demonstrated a remarkable 73% growth compared to the previous year.

Key Highlights:

  • Revenues increased to EUR 28.5 million from EUR 16.5 million.
  • The net portfolio expanded by 64% to EUR 18 million compared to 2022.
  • Net profits surged from EUR 1.4 million to EUR 4.2 million, culminating in a positive cash flow position of EUR 3.4 million at year-end.

Despite facing challenges in 2023, the team exhibited resilience in overcoming obstacles, positioning the company for continued success. Moving forward in 2024, Money for Finance plans to expand its operations, enhance client interactions, and bolster its teams in sales and operational departments.

Key Financials in EUR

From April 29th, the platform will list Jordanian EUR loans with an 11% rate and USD loans with a 12%.

Audited financial statements logged in investors can find here.