With a growing community of investors and impressive investment figures, let’s delve into the key statistics defining Esketit’s monthly performance.

Investors Soar to New Heights
September witnessed a significant influx of investors, with Esketit now boasting a robust user base of 15,052 individuals. This marks a remarkable 4.93% increase compared to the previous month.

Investments Reach Impressive Heights
Investments on Esketit reached an astonishing 336,711,121 EUR in September, showcasing a noteworthy 6.048% growth compared to August. This substantial increase signifies the platform’s allure as an investment avenue and the confidence investors have in Esketit’s capabilities.

Outstanding Portfolio Continues to Expand
Esketit’s outstanding portfolio expanded by 3.87% compared to August, now standing at 32,631,291 EUR. This growth reflects the continuous flow of capital within the platform, demonstrating its resilience and appeal as a secure investment platform.

Steady Loan Performance
While loans funded in September amounted to 19,225,565 EUR, showing a slight decrease of 0.70% compared to August, and loans published amounted to 20,277,159 EUR, down 0.91% from the previous month, it’s important to note that this dip is part of a natural ebb and flow in the lending landscape.Numbers at a Glance

  • Investors: 15 052 (+4.93%)
  • Investments: 336 711 121EUR (+6.048%)
  • Outstanding portfolio: 32 631 291EUR (+3.87%)
  • Loans funded: 19 225 565EUR  (-0.70%)
  • Loans published: 20 277 159EUR (-0.91%)
  • Interest paid to investors: 298 153EUR (-4.30%)

In conclusion, September has proven to be another successful month for Esketit, as it continues to attract a growing number of investors and maintain a strong presence in the peer-to-peer lending market. With consistently impressive investment figures and a dedicated user base, Esketit is poised for a promising future.