In April, Esketit continued to experience growth in various areas, with some fluctuations in specific metrics. Here’s a concise summary of the most important statistics for the month:

  • Verified investors increased by 800, bringing the total number to 11,077.
  • Investments rose by 10.44% compared to March, totaling €224,499,716.
  • The outstanding portfolio saw a slight increase of 0.10%, settling at €28,493,383.
  • Loans funded experienced a decrease of 1.27%, amounting to €20,243,254.
  • Loans published registered a marginal decline of 0.07%, reaching €21,391,660.
  • Interest paid to investors increased, totaling €317,643.

While Esketit experienced growth in certain areas, such as the number of verified investors and overall investments, there were minor decreases in loans funded and loans published. Despite these fluctuations, Esketit remains focused on continuously enhancing its services and offerings for our investors.Don’t forget that you can earn up to €1,000 for every new investor you refer to Esketit. Share the benefits of our platform with friends and family to help them discover the advantages of investing in loans.

Why Invest In Loans?

Investing in loans allows you to diversify your investment portfolio by adding a different asset class, which can help spread risk and improve overall returns. P2P loans often provide higher returns compared to traditional investment options like savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and government bonds. The interest rates on P2P loans are generally more attractive because borrowers are willing to pay higher rates for easier access to credit.