As we bid farewell to 2023, Esketit is proud to share our December statistics, reflecting a steady growth trajectory and a solid finish to the year. Our commitment to providing exceptional investment opportunities has resonated with our investor community, as evidenced by our latest figures.

Investor Growth: Going Strong
December saw our investor base expand to 17,360, marking a 4.79% rise compared to November. This steady growth is a testament to the trust and confidence our investors place in us.

Investments: On the Rise
Our total investments reached a significant milestone, climbing to €413,158,009, which is an impressive 6.93% increase from November. This growth underscores the robust interest and engagement in our investment offerings.

Outstanding Portfolio: Solid Growth
The outstanding portfolio has shown a remarkable uptrend, totaling €38,452,124 – a 9.41% increase from the previous month. This growth indicates a healthy and expanding portfolio, reflecting our investors’ active participation and the effectiveness of our investment strategies.

Loans Funded and Published: Impressive Increases
In terms of loans, December was a particularly dynamic month. Loans funded amounted to €25,364,631, witnessing a significant 17.27% jump from November. Additionally, loans published also saw a substantial increase, totaling €27,044,788 – an 18.44% rise compared to the previous month.

New Investment Opportunity: Utopia and Music Royalties
We are excited to announce a new investment opportunity with Utopia, offering a unique chance to invest in music royalties. This innovative venture involves advances for artists and employs advanced data-driven techniques for predicting royalty earnings. For a detailed insight into this groundbreaking opportunity, read the full article.

Interest Paid to Investors: Consistent and Rewarding
We also take pride in the consistent returns we provide to our investors. In December, we paid out €347,274 in interest, marking a 2.85% increase from November. This consistent growth in interest payments showcases our commitment to delivering rewarding investment experiences to our community.