Esketit saw strong growth across the board in December. The number of verified investors increased by 759, while the total amount invested on the platform rose by 13.84%. The outstanding portfolio also saw a 3.09% increase.
Esketit’s loan activity also increased in December, with the total amount of loans funded rising by 5.27% and the number of loans published increasing by 12.59%. This demonstrates the platform’s continued success in connecting borrowers and investors. Finally, investors on the platform were rewarded with 285 804 EUR in interest paid out during the month.

  • Verified investors: 7372 (+759)
  • Investments: 144 881 573 EUR (+13.84%)
  • Outstanding portfolio: 26 337 139 EUR (+3.09%)
  • Loans funded: 16 259 601 EUR (+5.27%)
  • Loans published: 17 981 727 EUR (+12.59%)
  • Interest paid to investors: 285 804 EUR

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