On Monday we informed you about changes in our payment processor and possible lags it may cause. 

Now we can confirm that all the challenges have been solved.

Now, the payment processing runs smoothly. Please, keep in mind that from now on, all payments must be made to the Klarpay account in Switzerland – CH0383041111210000012, as stated here.

Withdraw processing also works well, and all withdrawals requested in the last 24 hours are now processed and will soon reach your bank account if that has not yet happened. 

When it comes to selecting a financial counterpart, trust is of the utmost importance. That’s why we have gone through a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that Klarpay AG is the right choice for Esketit. Their technological capabilities and strong regulatory compliance give us confidence in their ability to handle our financial transactions securely. 

Tax-wise there will be no difference, so you can rest assured that your money will still arrive in your account from Esketit, with Klarpay simply being named as the sending financial institution. 

Furthermore, your bank should not charge you more for making SEPA payments to Switzerland rather than to any other European Union institution. If so, consider other payment options that are often free nowadays. 

Overall, we have complete trust in Klarpay’s capabilities and are confident they will provide a seamless experience for you.

Important: No invested funds are stored in the Esketit bank account. Those funds are transferred to loan originators and borrowers immediately, and these accounts are not held with the suspended Baltic International Bank.