The first calendar year for Esketit – the year of our launch – is about to conclude. We have achieved pleasing results and see that investors are definitely interested in what we offer. We want to thank all of our investors for putting your trust in us and for all the valuable feedback you’ve provided so we can benefit them even better. 

Most important things that happened this year:

  • More than 18 million EUR funded
  • Almost 7 million EUR under our management
  • More than 14k EUR outstanding on average per investor
  • Almost 300k EUR paid out in interest
  • As in all the previous 10+ years of our founders in their businesses – no investors funds lost
  • CreamFinance loans at a 12% interest rate are available
  • Jordan’s business is doing amazing

During this year, we have learned that investors value the CreamFinance brand and the reputation of our Founders and management. Thus investors are ready to invest more sizeably from the beginning leading to one of the highest invested amounts by investors on average. 

What’s ahead of us?

We will continue on the same path, by providing a safe and lucrative platform for our investors and delivering an environment that investors define. So, like before, we encourage you to continue informing us about tools and features you would like to see implemented on Esketit to better your business with us. 

To participate in conversations with us and other investors and to share your feedback, you also can join our Telegram investor’s group – 

Thank you for being with us this year. 

May your next year be happy and abundant!