In the vibrant landscape of P2P lending, October has been a month of significant milestones and stellar growth for Esketit. With the community of investors flourishing and investment numbers soaring, we’re excited to unpack the metrics that underscore Esketit’s monthly accomplishments.

Investor Community Expands Vigorously

In October, we welcomed 752 new investors, bringing our dynamic community to 15,804 members. This 4.87% rise since September is a testament to the trust and enthusiasm our investors have in our vision.

Investment Volume Hits New Peaks

Our investment volume surged to an impressive 362,763,962 EUR, marking a 7.45% increase from last month. Such strong growth is indicative of the strong performance and reliability that Esketit offers in the investment domain.

Outstanding Portfolio Achieves Solid Growth

The outstanding portfolio has reached 34,494,250 EUR, growing by 5.55% compared to September. 

Loans Funded and Published – Significant Uptick

October has been a standout month for loans, with 22,702,406 EUR funded — a significant 16.59% increase. Moreover, we’ve published loans worth 24,110,859 EUR, growing by 17.27%. These numbers are clear indicators of Esketit’s accelerating momentum in the market.

Investors Enjoy Increased Returns

Reflecting our commitment to our investors’ success, we’ve distributed 318,485 EUR in interest payments, a healthy 6.60% increase from September. Our dedication to providing attractive returns remains unwavering.

Snapshot of October’s Metrics

  • Investors: 15,804 (+4.87%)
  • Investments: 362,763,962 EUR (+7.45%)
  • Outstanding portfolio: 34,494,250 EUR (+5.55%)
  • Loans funded: 22,702,406 EUR (+16.59%)
  • Loans published: 24,110,859 EUR (+17.27%)
  • Interest paid to investors: 318,485 EUR (+6.60%)

As we close another fruitful month, we are reminded of the strength and potential of our community and platform. Esketit is at the forefront of peer-to-peer lending thanks to innovation, strong performance, and an expanding investor community. Join our Telegram channel to start a conversation with fellow investors from all over Europe.